News update November 19, 2015


I'm proud to annouce that I have recently released three new versions of my original Left Hook series... now titled, Stolen Hearts.


Even though the story is the same, the first novel is 8,000 words less and structured a little differently. The differences are subtle, but enough depending on how you like a story revealed.


I hope you enjoy reading this truly Australian tale.


If you enjoyed reading Left Hook or Stolen Hearts... please leave a rating and comment from where you downloaded your copy from. This will help get the story "out there". The better the rating... the more people will fall in love with the characters and this little Aussie tale.


Thank you.


Stolen Hearts and Left Hook are an Australian romance adventure series set in the 1970s featuring the Vietnam War, broken hearts, and fast cars.
Valiant Charger E38. Where the car becomes the star.